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Feb 27, 2016

Hour 1: Mike Woody takes us to the movies and previews the Oscars.

Hour 2: Deace Group Ep. 008

Hour 3: An interview with the Director of the new film, "The Young Messiah". What's hot this week at

Feb 26, 2016

Hours 1-3: Live audio and analysis from the GOP debate in Houston, Texas.

Feb 25, 2016

Hour 1: Inside Politics with Daniel Horowitz of Conservative Review. Rafael Cruz gives an update on his son's campaign.

Hour 2: Where do we start in retaking the culture? Steve interviews a number of guests live from the National Religious Broadcasters conference in Nashville, Tennessee.

Hour 3: Worldview Wednesday: inside chapter 2 of Steve's new book, "A Nefarious Plot". 

Feb 24, 2016

Hour 1: Katie Packer of Our Principles PAC discusses the strategy to stop Trump.

Hour 2: Rob Bluey of the Daily Signal discusses pro-life momentum across the country.

Hour 3: Joy Pullmann of The Federalist discusses why so many millennials are socialists.

Feb 23, 2016

Hour 1: Tough love for Cruz supporters.

Hour 2: Tough love for evangelicals.

Hour 3: Tough love for Trump supporters.

Feb 20, 2016

Hour 1: Mike Woody takes us to the movies.

Hour 2: Deace Group Ep. 007

Hour 3: Niger Innis of Tea Party Forward gives his take on the primary race. Author Bruce Ashford talks about his new book, "One Nation Under God: A Christian Hope for American Politics".

Feb 19, 2016

Hour 1: Live updates and "analysis" of the CNN GOP Town Hall from South Carolina feature John Kasich, Jeb Bush, and Donald Trump.

Hour 2: More live audio from the aforementioned event. A conversation with Joseph Fiennes, the actor playing the lead role in the upcoming motion picture, "Risen".

Hour 3: Reagan biographer Craig Shirley details how each of the remaining 6 GOP presidential hopefuls channel Ronald Reagan in their own way.

Feb 18, 2016

Hours 1 and 2: Audio and analysis of the CNN GOP Town Hall with Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, and Ben Carson.

Hour 3: Worldview Wednesday: examining the first chapter of Steve's new book, "A Nefarious Plot".

Feb 17, 2016

Hour 1: Why the death of Justice Antonin Scalia is a disaster -- and the Republicans in Washington are making it worse.

Hour 2: Cruz on life. What pop music songs best fit each candidate?

Hour 3: Richard E. Simmons goes in-depth on his book, "Reliable Truth".

Feb 16, 2016

Hours 1-3: Conservative Review's Dan Bongino fills in for Steve Deace.

Feb 13, 2016

Hour 1: Do we really want to win? Mike Woody takes us to the movies.

Hour 2: Deace Group Ep. 006

Hour 3: Can Obama really impose a $10/barrel oil tax? Feedback Friday.

Feb 12, 2016

Hours 1-2: Live updates from the pivotal Democratic debate between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.

Hour 3: Ted Cruz's ad game is good. Also, we get expert insight on the civil asset forfeiture problem in the United States.


Feb 11, 2016

Hour 1: Why Donald Trump and his followers are a cult. Inside Politics with Daniel Horowitz of Conservative Review.

Hour 2: What's the difference between Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump? Hint: not much.

Hour 3: Worldview Wednesday looks at the introduction of Steve's new book, "A Nefarious Plot".

Feb 10, 2016

Hours 1-3: Live updates on the New Hampshire Primaries. Also, a story that will make you mad.

Feb 9, 2016

Hour 1: Weekend News & Views -- analyzing the latest GOP debate, looking ahead to the New Hampshire Primary.

Hour 2: Bob Vander Plaats of the Family Leader joins the show to share his take on the aftermath of the Iowa Caucuses as well as a look forward to New Hampshire and beyond.

Hour 3: Steve's predictions for the New Hampshire Primaries. Dr. John Zmirak from the Stream joins the show to discuss a fascinating think piece about the top three contenders in the GOP race.

Feb 6, 2016

Hour 1: Mike Woody takes us to the movies (and reveals his top 10 films of 2015).

Hour 2: Deace Group Ep. 005

Hour 3: U.S. Congressman Steve King joins the show. You asked, we answered: Feedback Friday.

Feb 5, 2016

Hour 1: The race for the White House has descended into self-parody. Dr. Paul Broun of the Tea Party Leadership Fund discusses that organization's endorsement of Ted Cruz.

Hour 2: Intermittent coverage of the mono e mono Democratic debate between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. Are you smarter than a Rick Santorum? Rob Bluey of the Daily Signal talks about how the conversation on ethanol subsidies may have shifted after Ted Cruz's win in Iowa.

Hour 3: Why hitting Trump from the right works.


Feb 4, 2016

Hour 1: The news cycle is positively cray cray. Daniel Horowitz joins us to go Inside Politics with Conservative Review

Hour 2: Putting to rest the Cruz/Carson email fiasco.

Hour 3: Worldview Wednesday goes inside Steve's latest book, A NEFARIOUS PLOT.

Feb 3, 2016

Hour 1: Iowa Caucus recap: the losers.

Hour 2: Iowa Caucus recap: the winners.

Hour 3: Iowa Caucus recap: the road forward.

Feb 2, 2016

Hours 1-3: All Iowa Caucus all the time, as Steve and the team cover Ted Cruz's historic victory in Iowa.